ModelCenter Tech Note Python 2 No Longer Supported


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      Date: September 27, 2021

      Product: Ansys ModelCenter & ModelCenter Remote Execution 14.5

      Severity: Informational

      Introduction: Support for Python 2 is no longer available in ModelCenter 14.5. User provided 64-bit
      versions of Python 3 are supported.

      Issue: Python 2 will no longer be included with the ModelCenter and ModelCenter Remote
      Execution installers and Python 2 is no longer supported. Support for user provided 64-bit versions of
      Python 3 was introduced in ModelCenter 13.5 and remains available.
      Phoenix Integration software support 64-bit CPython and Anaconda Python version 3.5. Other variants
      of Python may work but are not officially supported or tested.

      Impact: Python 2 is no longer supported.

      Resolution: Users should update any Python 2 scripts to Python 3. Users who wish to use Python
      with ModelCenter can install a user provided 64-bit version of Python 3 and configure ModelCenter
      Remote Execution to use this version.
      Refer to the ModelCenter Remote Execution Help File for instructions on configuring ModelCenter
      Remote Execution to use the desired 64-bit version of Python 3. On the main page of the ModelCenter
      Remote Execution help file select the “Python Installation” link in the Quick Links section for more

      Related Information: There are differences between legacy Python 2.x and the new Python 3.x
      which mean that code written in legacy Python may not function as expected if run with Python 3.x.
      Code should be tested or converted before using. See the following links for more information:
      – Should I use Python 2 or 3 for my development activity?
      – Porting Python 2 Code to Python 3:

      For more information contact Support at or 800-500-1936 Option