ModelCenter Tech Note Java JDK or JRE Required to Install ModelCenter 13.2 and newer

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      Date: August 15, 2019

      Product: Ansys ModelCenter 13.2 and newer

      Severity: Informational

      Introduction: A Java Runtime Environment is required to install ModelCenter. A supported 64-bit
      JDK or JRE should be installed before installing ModelCenter. 64-bit Java 8 LTS and Java 11 LTS are

      Issue: Previously, Java was distributed with ModelCenter. Oracle changed licensing for Java starting
      April 16, 2019. As a result, Java will no longer be distributed with ModelCenter beginning with
      ModelCenter 13.2.

      Impact: When ModelCenter 13.2 or newer is installed, users will need to point the installer to a
      supported 64-bit JDK or JRE. Users may need to download and install Java if there is not already a
      supported version installed on the system.

      Resolution: ModelCenter 13.2 supports 64-bit Java 8 LTS and Java 11 LTS. During install, the user
      will be prompted to select a directory where supported JDK or JRE is installed. If one is not present, a
      supported version of Java should be installed. An Environment Variable PHX_JAVA_HOME will be
      created storing the location of the JDK or JRE.

      Related Information: The Oracle Java Licensing FAQ can be found at

      For more information contact Support at or 800-500-1936 Option 2