How to Navigate the New AIS Discovery Space

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      How to Navigate New AIS Discovery Space

      Ansys Discovery has moved from its Legacy Discovery Community Forum to a more collaborative, modern, and innovative Ansys Discovery Space. You can visit this Space using this link AIS Discovery – Innovation Space (

      This is how the landing page of Ansys Discovery Space looks like. On the top right corner, you have the login options. It requires the same Ansys SSO ID that you were using on the legacy Discovery Community Forum.

      On the landing page you have various options to navigate like

      • What’s New – Check out the latest updates about Ansys Discovery. It takes you to Ansys Discovery Community where you can find updates, latest posts related to Discovery.
      • Discovery Courses – You have all the Discovery Courses present here to help you gain necessary skills for Discovery. Do check out relevant courses and gain expertise with Discovery.
      • Discovery Knowledge – Here you can get knowledge articles in the form documents, videos and easily find answers to the most common questions to get better at using Ansys Discovery.
      • Discovery Forum – This is where you can check out the latest activity on Discovery forum, ask a question or be a part of an ongoing discussion. To post a question you can click on “View all questions” and “Start a New Post”. Our forum moderators will answer your questions here.

      Note: We are not allowed to download and access any software files uploaded by users on AIS. You can post non-confidential images as much as possible explaining your problem.

      • Scripts and Add-ins – You can download Add-ins for Ansys Discovery and take advantage of customized workflows helping you increase the efficiency and automate routine workflows.
      • Events and Webinar – Latest webinar and events will be posted here; you can register and attend the live sessions or request for recording of the session.
      • Quick Links
      1. Manage Named User License: This will take you the Ansys Account from where you can navigate to My Subscription and manage your named user license.
      2. Student and Academic: Students and academic users can access this link and take advantage of Ansys products for projects and research work.
      3. Hardware Requirements: This will point you to the article mentioning the system hardware requirements to run Ansys Discovery on your computer.
      4. ITAR and NDA Support: Don’t post any ITAR or Confidential data on the forum. This link points you to articles on how to seek support in such cases.

      Get Support:

      The Submit a Support Request button will currently take you to ACSS which is only for direct customers with a commercial license.