How to get information about mesh cell count and cell types in Fluent?

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      Cell count: Mesh -> Info -> Size

      Cell types: Initialize case.
      All cells has “Mesh -> Cell element type”” as field variable:
      Cell Element Type (in the Cell Info… category) is the integer cell element type identification number. Each cell can have one of the following element types:
      triangle 1
      tetrahedron 2
      quadrilateral 3
      hexahedron 4
      pyramid 5
      wedge 6
      polyhedra 7

      Use adaption register. e. g. for knowing number of hex cells use Adapt – Refine/Coarsen – Cell Registers – New – Field Variable – Type = Cells in Range – Field Value of Cell Info – Cell Element Type and use 3.9 and 4.1 as min and max values. Click on “Save/Display” and you will see the number of (marked) hex cells in the TUI.