Modeling & Meshing

Modeling & Meshing

How do I resolve the issue: “Unable to create model in KeyShot”?

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      You may also observe that KeyShot opens, but no further action occurs.

      The following items might be missing which would cause the link to KeyShot to fail

      1. There are 2 environment variables that get created in Windows upon installing KeyShot:

      This one typically points to the SpaceClaim installation directory if you’ve purchased your KeyShot capability through us.

      KEYSHOT6=C:UsersPublicDocumentsKeyShot 6
      Make sure both of those are present and linked to the correct locations.

      2. Add the following programs to Firewall exceptions

      C:Program FilesKeyShot6binkeyshot_daemon.exe
      C:Program FilesKeyShot6binkeyshot6.exe

      3. If you are still encountering problem, then it is suggested to reinstall Keyshot and/or SpaceClaim.
      – Please be sure to run the Setup by Right-click > Run As Administrator.
      – Disable any anti-virus or blocking programs as needed during installation.