PCB Design

PCB Design

ANSYS SIwave: Defining HFSS Regions in SIwave – Part III

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      This video describes a time domain reflectrometry (TDR) analysis to compare the results from the three solution techniques: SIwave with HFSS regions, SIwave without regions, and HFSS standalone simulation of the cut out of the board comprising the desired signal nets. Circuit schematics are created in ANSYS Electronics Desktop for each analysis. The TDR results for each solution technique are compared to study the impedance response and to learn which parts of the structures are treated differently by the different solution techniques. The results show that SIwave with HFSS regions provides 3D accuracy in the connector breakout regions of the board.

      PCB used for the analysis in the video was used under Creative Commons ShareAlike Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

      Original board is available at: