PCB Design

PCB Design

ANSYS SIwave: Defining HFSS Regions in SIwave – Part II

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      This video compares the S-parameter results for the differential pairs after solving the printed circuit board in ANSYS SIwave with and without HFSS Regions. You will also see the impact of the HFSS Regions on the simulation time and the peak memory usage. Results of solving a cut out of the board comprising the desired differential pairs in ANSYS HFSS are discussed as well. The simulation results and other metrics shown in this movie depict how using HFSS 3D Regions in ANSYS SIwave provides increased accuracy for the S-parameters of critical signal nets with a modest use of computing resources.

      PCB used for the analysis in the video was used under Creative Commons ShareAlike Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

      Original board is available at: