Installation and Licensing

Installation and Licensing

Accessing Discovery on Ansys Cloud

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      Download the file here
      Accessing Discovery on the Cloud is a great way to remove hardware limitations and access your simulation results from any location.

      Discovery on Ansys Cloud can be run through the Ansys Cloud Portal or it can be run through our desktop Discovery Cloud Launcher.  In order to launch Discovery from your desktop, both of the below links will need to be downloaded and installed.

      The first link will install a transfer agent allowing you to upload and download files securely to the cloud.  This will also create a connection between the cloud servers and your desktop.

      The second link will create a desktop application allowing you to easily set up a profile and access the cloud with a single click.  Please use the attached PDF as a helpful guide to get started.

      Discovery on Ansys Cloud requires an additional subscription.  If you do not have a subscription to the Ansys Cloud environment, more information on purchasing one can be found here or a free trial and be requested here.

      To access Discovery on the Ansys Cloud, please install both the File Transfer Agent and Discovery Cloud Launcher below, then run the Launcher.

      File Transfer Agent

      Discovery Cloud Launcher